Medtra is a diversified company offering an overwhelming range of products in all industries, Leaders in each of it’s sectors ,Healthcare (Medical),Safety,Hygienic & 360°Calibration Services. Our corporate offices across the Globe facilitate operations in more than 40 countries, with our headquarters based in USA.


We strive to provide service excellence and a unique experience to all clients through our professional and passionate team.

Medtra Aggregates

Medtra aggregates is the nation’s largest producer of construction aggregates—primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel—and a major producer of aggregates-based construction materials, including asphalt and ready-mixed concrete. Our coast-to-coast footprint and strategic distribution network align with and serve the nation’s growth centers.

We are Exclusive Distributors

Aspen Surgical is a leading worldwide manufacturer of surgical disposable products with an emphasis on safety. Our extensive portfolio of specialty medical products and surgical instruments includes Bard-Parker® Blades and Scalpels, O.R. Accessories, Patient and Staff Safety Products, Wound Care Products, and Instrument Care Products.

Labor & Delivery

Our Labor and Delivery products All of our patented and copyrighted products like Plastibell®, Amnihook®, Cord Clamp® and U-Bag® must pass through our strenuous, rigorous laser vision inspection systems to ensure that only products meeting 100% of our highest level of quality standards criteria will be the first and only product required for the procedure. Don’t risk a failure, don’t risk a cheap alternative; choose Stork® products.


With high demand for facial protection from the outset of COVID-19, over 100 new employees were hired at the company’s Aqua Prieta, Mexico, facility earlier in the year, which increased the output for the face mask line by 50%. With plans to install additional manufacturing equipment in the coming weeks, capacity for this category will be increased by another 25%. In addition, Aspen is now planning to hire over 100 new employees and is acquiring new machinery in Agua Prieta to support a 35-40% increase in isolation gown production.

Ultrasound Imaging

Design, develop, and manufacture cost effective, quality ultrasound and imaging products. Providing our customers with quality products that protect patients, medical personnel, and prolong equipment life. Protek remains committed to inventing and developing new devices always focusing on patient care and the applications for healthcare professionals. New products are constantly being released and current marketed devices are being expanded for OEM’s and professionals.

Blades & Scalpels

Bard-Parker® is well-recognized as a leader in the Surgical Blades and Scalpel market in the United States and Canada, with over 100 years of trusted results in the healthcare field. Aspen Surgical offers a full line of high quality Blades and Scalpels, including both protected and conventional styles. Both are known for their precision and clinical effectiveness.

Central Sterile

Operating Room

Aspen Surgical offers a full line of high quality, best value Operating Room Accessories. The Operating Room Accessories offering includes items such as: Anti-Fog, Endoscopic Kittners, Vessel Loops, Cautery Tip Cleaners, Surgical Headbands, Suture Booties, Clamp Covers, Pin Covers, Disposable Standard & Specialty Light Handles, and O.R. Camera Covers as well as sterile Snares and Safety Pins. Such Operating Room Accessories are the small, yet essential, surgical disposables that healthcare facilities count on every day to keep procedures running smoothly and effectively so as to achieve positive patient outcomes.

Patient & Staff Safety

Aspen Surgical is committed to developing, manufacturing, and selling products that help to support Patient and Staff Safety in the Operating Room environment. In addition to our Bard-Parker® Protected Blades and Scalpels, we offer Bard-Parker® Sharps Safety Accessories, Colby™ Fluid Management Products, and ErgoSupport® Ergonomic Safety Products, as well as WriteSite® Surgical Marking Pens, and Richard-Allan® Utility Markers to help facilities take charge of safety in the healthcare setting. 

Wound Care

Aspen Surgical’s high quality, high performance Wound Care Products include Sterion® Reinforced and Blend Tone Wound Closure Strips, Transparent Dressings, Richard-Allan® Surgical Needles, Surgidyne® Wound Drainage Products, and Secure-IT™ Tube Holders.  Such Wound Care products are designed to aid in quick and effective healing for patients.

Patient Positioning

Aspen Surgical is proud to offer a full line of high quality, competitively priced Patient Positioning products including Beach Chair Accessories, Shoulder Positioning Kits, Lateral Shoulder Kits, Hip Positioners, Knee & Ankle Positioners, and Spine Positioning Foam.  These products help support proper patient positioning for optimal surgical site access.

We Exclusively Represent VBM

Since 1981, we have been developing, producing and selling medical technology solutions in the areas of Airway Management, Accessories for Anesthesia & Intensive Care and Tourniquet Systems.

Airway Management

Cuff Pressure Gauges / Laryngeal Tube LTS-D
Cricothyrotomy / Resuscitators
Face Masks / Intubation Aids
Manual Suction Pump / Simulators
Pelvic Sling

Accessories for Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

Tube Fixations / Respiration Tubings
Catheter Mount Tubings / Connectors /
Respiration Accessories / Pressure Infusion /
Support Arms / Tube Connectors
Smooth Silicone Tubings

Tourniquet Systems

Electric Tourniquets
Compressed Air Tourniquets
Manual Tourniquets
Tourniquet Cuffs
Tourniquet Consumables

IDMED, a French company working with Medtra across GCC. IDMED is based in Marseille, develops and markets innovative medical devices in the fields of anesthesia and intensive care. Our products are used worldwide in operating theaters, intensive care units, neuro-ophthalmological consultations and research laboratories.

Our products are commonly used in the areas of pupillometry, neuromuscular blockade monitoring and analgesia monitoring.

The integrated lighting system offers the possibility to do the routine check of the pupil size and reactivity with reliable measurements.The AlgiScan is a portable and intuitive device for the assessment of patient analgesia in all situations.

  • Analgesia level assessment
  • Pupil size & reactivity measurement
  • Immediate clinical interpretation

NeuroLight is an Ideal Neurological Diagnostic Tool:
Reliable, Accessible and Non-Invasive

  • Precise measurement of pupil size (miosis/mydriasis)
  • Quantitative measurement of the PhotoMotor Reflex (qPLR)
  • Detection of anisocoria
    Visualisation of trends for early change detection

Enjoy unique clinical benefits of the ToFscan, an easy-to-use 3D-AMG TOF monitor and used worldwide in thousands of operating theaters and intensive care units for almost 10 years

  • Precise and objective measures
  • Three-dimensional accelerometer (3D-AMG)
  • ATP automatic mode (TOF/PTC)
  • No calibration required


We Exclusively Represent Whirl-Pak

Whirl-Pak® sterilized sampling bags are ideal for food & beverage, dairy, water, medical, veterinary, environmental, soil, and industrial markets as well as surface, forensic science, genetics, biomedical, and pharmaceutical sampling. Whirl-Pak® bags have been the professionals’ trusted sampling bag for 60 years and offer puncture-proof closure tabs, guaranteed sterility, easy identification, and a leak-proof closure you can rely on.

EcoVadis Rating

DUNLOP PROTECTIVE FOOTWEAR BV (GROUP) has been awarded a Gold medal as a recognition of their EcoVadis Rating

FieldPRO -LJ2JF01

Purofort® powers you on, fits like a sneaker. Purofort® The best a PRO can get USP’s outsole SRC rated Professional outsole designed for excellent grip at the jobsite



Purofort® powers you on, fits like a sneaker. Purofort® The best a PRO can get USP’s outsole SRC rated Professional outsole designed for excellent grip at the jobsite



Lightweight and flexible Purofort helps keep your feet fresh until the job is done with a fit perfected with Dunlop’s innovative Snug-fit construction to eliminate heel slippage.


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Effective technologies designed for decontamination.


The Medspray is a lightweight, ergonomic device.It can disinfect volume of 5m ³ to 165m ³. The diffusion time is 11 min to 50 m³. Voltage: 230V or 115V. GMDN: 58215.

A rapid disinfection ofrooms by air,within
everyone’s reach!


Who we are

Medtra  is a diversified company operating in industries including healthcare,technology,industrial safety,agriculture and fishing and food processing industries . Since its conceptualization in 2009, the group has transformed into a front-runner in multiple business sectors. Our greatest strength lies in forming strategic partnerships with organizations looking to establish a strong presence in the GCC and other countries. Our advantage is the extensive knowledge and invaluable expertise we possess of the MENA business landscape and our commitment to advancing the interests of our partners. We strive to provide service excellence and a unique experience to all clients through our professional and passionate team.

Global presence

Offering an overwhelming range of products,Medtra has emerged  to be market leader in each of it’s sectors. Our corporate offices across the Globe facilitate operations in more than 40 countries, with our headquarters based in USA looking after Global turnover  of over $200 million.

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Disinfectant solutions intended for disinfecting the surfaces of non-invasive medical devices and equipment.


Hospital-acquired infection (HAI) is one of the leading clinical burdens worldwide. In the World, roughly  10.9 million hospital-associated infections occur, from all types of micro-organisms, leading or contributing to roughly 99,000 deaths each year.

Medtra, already expert in disinfection products with its Medtec products, offers you a wider disinfection product portfolio to prevent nosocomial infections.

We are Exclusively Representing Cover Guard

Our about

Coverguard ® is a major player in the design
and manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment


To be the key leader in healthcare by creating high quality and cost-effective products.


To improve the production processes and quality standards by focusing on future innovations and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

We are happy to Serve you

In our manufacturing processes we consider you, Our end user. All the time we keep our end positive. Our team is working on the clock to make sure every thing is in your best interest.


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35+ Countries Served

Having huge reach of products and means to serve the Globe,We are leaders in giving the best products via the best logistics channel.

In Time Deliveries

Local and international business is handle by experts to comply with your requirement.Managing time is our daily goal

Global Presence

Our operations are mainly based in USA,New York-our head office.We also are present in UAE,KSA,INDIA,OMAN & KUWAIT.

500+ Proven products

All our products are Globally certified,a wide range of products to manage all sectors.



Having huge reach of products and means to serve the Globe,We are leaders in giving the best products via the best logistics channel.