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Safety Division


Major merge with top world companies is done by Medtra Brands from Portugal,Netherlands  and Italy ( Dunlop and Panda ) Respectively are available to ensure your safety. Our safety division covers all industries,the safety shoes and safety Gumboots are made specifically to work and protect people from harsh environment.Also the models of the shoes prevents contamination in food processing industries. You want your boots to give you safety and comfort, but you want them to look fashionable as well. Dunlop® boots are designed to impress, reflecting a high-tech, modern touch and feel so you can express your personality. And their design makes them very easy to clean. 


Our Dunlop Gumboots is related to protect our front liner s to help fight the Global pandemic.The certifications was proved by top organisations unicef,Red Cross & WHO.



We are committed to serve you with quality protective footwear for all industries.

Panda Safety

Safety and prevention in the workplace should be taken for granted concepts for all workers, public and private companies. Panda Safety offers a wide range of shoes designed for all industries.THE EXCELLENCE OF PANDA SAFETY SHOES JOINS THE QLS TECHNOLOGY OF GRAMAR ITALIA FOR MAXIMUN PROTECTION. PANDA SAFETY has recently developed the innovative fastening system called Quick Lacing System (QLS) for its safety footwear. This fastening system represents a true innovation in terms of comfort and freedom of movement.QLS also ensures the wearer the possibility of quickly removing the shoe thanks to the immediate lace release button at the centre of the dial.

Our top buyers

Our top clients for Gum boots and Safety shoes can verify and testify the Quality and Durability of our safety footwear.Along with good customer service we keep our clients safe and satisified at all times.


Dunlop Gumboots

Providing comfort to the workers in your food processing industry is very important. High comfort of your workers means better productivity and fewer sick days, and therefore improved revenues and lower costs.Click button below to see more Dunlop Videos.