Water Soluble Laundry Bag

Water Soluble Laundry Bag

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An effective method of isolating transporting and laundering soiled linen.

Improved adherence with DHSS Guidelines HC(95) 18 for the Safe Handling of Contaminated Laundry.
• Improved hygiene and reduced risk of cross-contamination from soiled articles.
• Reduction in hazards associated with storage and
cleaning of contaminated washable items.
• Prevention of leakage from items heavily soaked in urine.
• Additional protection from pathogens found on soiled linen.

Made from environmentally friendly PVA (polyvinyl

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During washing, the water soluble transparent bags dissolve, releasing the contents into the wash. The Water Soluble Laundry Bags with soluble integral ties are made from transparent PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) film. PVA is a non-toxic environmentally friendly biodegradable material that dissolves in water. Soluble Laundry Bags User

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Water Soluble Laundry Bag

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Water Soluble Laundry Bag