Vein Viewer Veinuex AR 100

Vein Viewer Veinuex AR 100

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The best solution for vein access.
  • Portable: The lightweight vein viewer and ergonomic design coupled with a rechargeable battery enable high degrees of portability for Veineux.
  • Different Intensity levels: Vein viewer Veineux is equipped with multi-intensity levels for assuring a clear view of the vein for patients with high tissue depth, as well as for infants.
  • Multiple Degrees of  Freedom:  With the bundled accessory, Veineux Vein viewer can move in 3-dimensional axes for customized usage.
  • Accurate: By using advanced micro projection technology, Veineux projects an accurate and dynamic image of veins on the surface of human skin.
  • Display Options: The product has multiple modes for viewing based on different body characteristics and skin tones.
  • Rechargeable: Veineux is loaded with a rechargeable battery which will last about 4 hours of continuous use.

Product Description:

Our Vein viewer Veineux Ar100 is the world’s most affordable vein viewer tracking device using Augmented Reality, which will reduce the failed attempts during different intravenous medical procedures. The portable, flexible, vein viewer and hands-free imaging facilitates the difficult process of finding a vein in a much easier and faster way, without changing standard clinical terms and practices.

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Vein Viewer Veinuex AR 100

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Vein Viewer Veinuex AR 100