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Hygienic Division

Health care in Food Industry, and life in general.



Our consumables items are certified and they are manufactured by USA and ISO standard quality.We have a wide range of disposable hygienic products.Then non woven material are manufactured with all the international standards to exceed with your requirements.

Hand Protection

Arm Sleeves(PE) and Gloves are made new materials and packed in our brand to ready to be used in hospitals and industries

Head Protection

Hair Net,Snood cover,Face Mask are made to with and packed in our brand.To find out more about click the button below.

Full body Protection

Isolating gown,both plastic and non woven,plastic apron,shoe cover also are our products.The process is made with quality.


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I have been using All Medtra products, I never had a complaint from any of my employees.The gloves last longer and they don't tear easily. I advice all HSE Professionals and quality assurance, to use Medtra Super Brand

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Arm sleeves, this video is made to show the features of our product, mainly to give short brief about it’s features.More videos for hygienic products, click button below.