This is Medtra fully high technology equipped Calibration Laboratory located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Medtra play a major role in the consistence development of the country by providing best quality calibration services to various industries.

We offer a range of services to help you meet regulatory standards.

Our highly experienced and competent employees are committed to delivering Reliable calibration services and providing you the highest level of customer satisfaction. Maintaining High quality reference equipment traceable to international standards. Providing accurate and unbiased calibration results in accordance with the requirement of National /International standards.

Medtra comprises qualified and experienced professionals both in Calibration Service in Riadhi,  and instrumentation fields offering onsite and offsite services.

Accredited Laboratory

Medtra has been established by likeminded professionals in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a service provider for Calibration, Pipe Freezing Services, Integration and Supply. We offer calibration services in the field of Process Instrumentation such as Power Plants, Oil Storage Terminals, Food Processing Industries, Fabrication Industries & Logistic Companies


Companies with the most stringent quality requirements trust Medtra to meet their calibration needs. We provide calibrations services for a broad array of disciplines and instruments, allowing you to fulfill your calibration needs from a single, reliable vendor


Maintenance & Calibration of medical equipment is a crucial process in order to preserve the device and ensure its operational efficiency and accuracy. Healthcare equipment are very expensive and sophisticated which makes the process of maintenance a necessity. Apart from this, it has a crucial role to play in calibration of the device and reducing risk of contamination.

Our Biomedical engineering team is highly specialized and has maintained the highest quality services to our client partners, who have benefitted from a 97%+ uptime of over 12 million equipment.

Our bespoke services in this domain include:

  • Testing & Validation
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance Services (PPM)
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • Corrective and Breakdown Maintenance
  • Calibration and Validation
  • Medical Equipment Maintenance Services
  • Equipment Decontamination
  • Spare Parts


Why calibrate?

Calibrating your equipment regularly is a critical part of ensuring your instrument is still functioning correctly. You also must have many medical and radiation devices calibrated regularly to be compliant with Regulatory Bodies governing your area. Ensuring your equipment measures correctly is essential to your job performance, your facility, and the people that trust you to provide adequate medical care.

Here’s why you should calibrate your equipment annually:

  • Ensures reliability of your instrument by providing traceability and standardization of measurements
  • Using a calibrated instrument reduces the uncertainty in your results
  • Cost effective way to prevent costly repair and possible damage claims from your clients
  • Ensures compliance with Regulatory Bodies such as TJC and CMS
  • Performing calibration regularly on your equipment is expected to maximize up-time


  • Repair of CT-MR-Ultrasound-Radiology equipment’s
  • Refurbishments, Reconditioning
  • Board level repairs
  • Part supply
  • Swap the box upgrades
  • Comprehensive and Non-comprehensive contract supports
  • Used equipment trading’s
  • Turn around solutions
  • Site preparation and utilization checks

Our employees are committed to maintaining the high quality of our products and services. We solicit customer input on quality and product features and then design, validate, manufacture and service these to requirements. We show an ongoing commitment to quality through the continuous improvement process required by our internationally recognized ISO 17025:2017 Quality System registration. 



  • Imaging equipment
  • Endoscopic devices
  • Surgical instruments
  • Electro-Medical equipment
  • General Medical Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Critical Care Medical equipment
  • Ophthalmology and ENT equipment
  • OB Gyne and Dermatology Equipment
  • Other devices
At Medtra Calibration, we strive to lead our market segments through creative solutions and ongoing improvement of current offerings. Our multi-functional product development teams are comprised of experts in mechanics, electronics, software, systems, engineering, service and manufacturing technology. This expertise, coupled with intensive customer research, called “voice of customer” helps us develop the devices that address your current and future testing needs.

When you invest in the best products, you deserve the best support. We have several worldclass service centers, including the best commercial medical testing device laboratory. Our service centers are extremely versatile and can service over 1,000 different models. With extensive experience in full-asset management, our highly-accredited program is equipped to give you OEM firmware and product updates that can’t be found elsewhere.


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